Tuesday 25th October

Back to Blighty. An early start gets us to the space age Shanghai Pudong airport for our Virgin Atlantic return flight. Eleven hours later we are back at Heathrow with mixed feelings: glad to be home, sad it’s all over. It’s been an unforgettable tour. Big thanks to: The Beijing Music Festival The Aix-en-Provence Festival … More Tuesday 25th October

Monday 24th October

The end is most definitely nigh. And what a fabulous end – Wuxi! Wuxi is an old city in the Jiangsu province that has had a lot of recent investment. It is also set in beautiful countryside, based around the Tai Lake. It is a five hour coach journey/sleep from Ningbo to Wuxi and the reward … More Monday 24th October

Sunday 23rd October

Penultimate day and mixed feelings. It’s been and continues to be an extraordinarily rich and varied experience in China but we’ve been away from home since the end of September and we are looking forward to seeing family and friends again. It’s another early start and this time we are also moving out of our … More Sunday 23rd October

Saturday 22nd October

A day that had everything. Including a lot of rain. The China Shanghai International Arts Festival really is brilliant. There are top end classical concerts but also community events and well arranged outdoor concerts so that people from all parts of Shanghai can experience the celebrations. We have an early start (6.30am) as we need … More Saturday 22nd October

Friday 21st October

Madness. It’s still pouring down. And we’ve arranged to go up the Shanghai Tower, the 2nd highest tower in the world! Ah well. Let’s be positive. The experience was amazing, just not the climax. The Shanghai Tower is quite spectacular and the exhibition leading to the ascent is fascinating. We get to see how Shanghai … More Friday 21st October