China 2018:Day 13 1st August

Shanghai baby, yeah!


As we enter a new month we are suddenly aware that the tour is nearing its final stages. This provokes mixed feelings but we have certainly been looking forward to today as we have our sight-seeing and shopping trip to Shanghai.

The day started with a three hour coach journey from Taizhou to Shanghai, stopping off at a Chinese service station to admire the culinary delights of roast duck head, neck and various other, unrecognisable body parts.

Our new hotel, the CYTS Eastern International Hotel, is smart and comfortable and as soon as we have checked in we are escorted to the Entertainment Area for lunch. Much of this area is under construction but the new rooms seem very cosy: subtle coloured lighting, padded walls, large, comfortable seats that appear to be designed for two people. Mr Swinson tells us these are for Chinese painting and calligraphy classes but we weren’t born yesterday.


Much to our delight, the lunch hall was fully fitted out for a Frozen party. Sometimes we think China exists in a parallel universe.

Enough preamble. We then had a fabulous time in Shanghai. First, we visited the famous Yu Gardens, arriving via some interesting side streets which gave us a glimpse into what full employment looks like.

Then for the spectacular Yu Gardens.

The highlight of the day for most of us was the shopping in the markets and in particular, the bartering. Mr Brookman taught us the techniques and Mrs Martin the right Chinese words. Every deal was a winner as far as we were concerned and it was great fun.

After a quick meal we headed for the harbour and our evening boat trip. The views were spectacular.

Our hotel is an hour’s drive from central Shanghai so our final task was to find the Bus up and Down Passnger Station. Easy.


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